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911 Emergency Calls from Columbine High School


Police uncover terrorist training camps in the UK » Police have announced that during the investigation into radical Islamic preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri, they have discovered that terrorist training camps have been operating from within the UK. As Hamza was jailed for seven years for inciting the murder of Jews and "unbelievers", police revealed they had recovered gas masks, chemical, biological and nuclear protective suits, blank passports, hunting knives and blank-firing weapons from the London mosque where he preached. … » More


Police to question Busta Rhymes?
» POLICE WANT TO QUESTION RHYMES OVER VIDEO SHOOTING Police reportedly want to question Busta Rhymes over that previously reported fatal shooting that occurred outside a Brooklyn warehouse where the rapper was filming a "star-studded video". …

9/11 plotter ejected from court:
» The only person to be charged in the US in connection with the 11 September attacks terror attacks against America was ejected from court after proclaiming “I am al-Qaeda”. …

Mohammed Cartoon Fanatic on bail!
» Now Great Britain’s wakeup call…Enoch Powell, 20 April 1968…and no truer speech has ever been made. …

Prophet Mohammed cartoon rioters a disgrace!
» “It is the uneducated radical Muslim protesters and rioters who insult the great prophet Mohammed and heap disgrace upon Islam, not a mediocre Danish cartoonist. …



Letter from the Boss


Latest News
»Police uncover terrorist training camps in the UK
»Police to question Busta Rhymes?
»9/11 plotter ejected from court:
»Mohammed Cartoon Fanatic on bail!
»Prophet Mohammed cartoon rioters a disgrace!
»Rollers cleared over drugs charges
»Man shot dead near filming of Busta Rhymes video
»Danish Consulate set on fire over cartoon protest
»Coming Execution: Steven Kenneth Staley
»Mohammed Cartoons are no joke

Hard Talk with Chris Berry-Dee
»President George Bush at War with al-Jazeera?
»Asian Earthquake - where is Bin Laden?
»British Immigration Officers – too bone idle

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»The War on Drugs

In-depth debate
»Mothers who steal a father’s children!
»President Putin - Hands off Ukraine Debate
»David Irving - Holocaust Denial
»Terrorism - the Debate
»Amityville case - Debating the '7th body'
»The DeFeo Murders - Debated

Editorial by Chris Berry-Dee

Editorial by Steve Morris
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