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John Gacy - the Summerdale Dig on DVD

John Wayne Gacy - the Summerdale Dig DVD

John Wayne Gacy62 minutes of footage from the "Summerdale Dig" filmed by police as they searched Gacy's home.

John Wayne Gacy's house in Summerdale Avenue, Des Plaines, Ill.

John Wayne GacyIncludes 25 minutes of audio-only recordings of John Wayne Gacy.

Billy Carroll

Frank Landingin

Greg Godzik

James Mazzara

John Butkovich

Richard Johnston

Robert Winch

Sam Stapleton


Aileen Wuornos
Charles Manson
Jeffrey Dahmer
Ted Bundy
Arthur Shawcross

Disc includes the unedited police video of what has been dubbed ‘The Summerdale Dig’ - which is original footage shot by investigators in late December 1978, of the excavation and recovery of the bodies of the victims of the Chicago-based sado-sexual serial killer, John Wayne Gacy.

As twenty-nine bodies of young men and boys, all brutally raped, tortured and eventually slain by the portly building contractor, were unearthed from beneath the concrete floor of his garage, a barbecue pit in his back garden, and the crawl-space beneath his ranch-style home in Norwood Park, Des Plaines, the media watched in horror.

The crawl-space, where 27 of the bodies were discovered in shallow graves, some still with a noose around their neck or materials crammed into their throats and rectums, is one of the most frightening personal graveyards, kept by a serial killer, in the annals of criminal history.

Although Gacy would ultimately be charged and convicted of thirty-three murders - the last four victims being dumped, out of necessity as the man's house was already full to capacity with decomposing corpses, in the Des Plaines river in Illinois - it was the idea of this monster being a pillar of his community, who dressed as a clown to entertain sick children, was active in local politics and was a successful businessman, that could not be comprehended. How could someone so outwardly gregarious and even respectable, all the while be systematically violating then eliminating young men and burying the bodies under his house?

Shockwaves ripped not only through this man's community, but the world at large, as people shook their heads in disbelief, wondering how he could have been killing, so prolifically for so many years, and getting away with it.

Christopher Berry-Dee makes some attempt to unravel the Gacy story in his excellent paper on the case, which will be included with this fascinating criminal case file, and in his forthcoming book ‘Talking with Serial Killers II’, published by John Blake, June 2005.

The film runs for 62 minutes, so bear in mind that it is 27 years old and therefore has depreciated slightly in visual quality (jumps around a little and there is a brief pause near the start, before video recommences and loses sound for several minutes towards the end). However, this is direct from 1978 and drags the terrifying atmosphere of Gacy's dank netherworld to the surface.

Working in the most extreme, icy and low light conditions, the police photographer worked his way around the stinking crawlspace; filming the exhumations from below and above through the now open flooring.

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This DVD reveals the difficulties faced by crime scene technicians working in confined spaces under extraordinarily adverse conditions.


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