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Ted Bundy Case-file


Police investigators approached Elizabeth Kendall [pseudonym] for whatever information she was able to provide about her lover, Ted Bundy, in the fall of 1975.

Ted BundyLiz had earlier contacted the King County, Seattle police to relate her suspicions concerning her boyfriend. She thought there was a very good chance that her man was the infamous "Ted" Killer, who it was believed, had been behind a number of murders and disappearances of young women in the Washington State area.

Elizabeth Kendall attended the King County Police Major Crime Unit building in Washington State on 16 September 1975, where she was interviewed by a number of Ted Bundy in prisonDetectives from Salt Lake City, Utah. When Ted had left Seattle that summer and headed for Utah, the baffling series of deaths/disappearances had ceased, only to begin in Salt Lake City shortly after Bundy arrived in town. Detectives Jerry Thompson, Dennis Couch and Ira Beal spoke at length with Kendall. Was her Ted, THE Ted? Though clearly shocked and upset by the possibility that her boyfriend may be a travelling serial killer, she consented to providing the men with any information she could about Ted.

She revealed how on nights when a woman vanished, she could not account for his whereabouts. She told how he would often sleep throughout the day and leave the apartment after darkness fell. He would be gone for hours and would rarely be willing to share with her, where he had been or what he had been doing. She said that his interest in sex with her had become almost non-existent during the last year. She spoke of Ted’s interest in bondage practices and anal sex, and how he had choked her one time whilst she was lashed to the bed. Bundy had apparently slipped into an unsettling trance-like state during the incident. Liz never allowed him to tie her up again.

Police later heard more from her. He had a hatchet under his car-seat, he had threatened to “break her neck”, he had a sack of female underwear in his room. He had disguises. Evidence of Ted’s dual existence mounted. Most disturbing for Liz, was when she discovered a plaster of paris kit in his bathroom cabinet. “Ted” had been wearing a cast on his arm when he approached two women on 14 July at Lake Sammamish Park in Seattle. Janice Ott and Denise Naslund were later reported missing, last seen in the company of the mysterious “Ted”.

Police photo of Ted Bundy

After talking to Bundy’s former lover, the picture of a man who could very quickly become cold, insensitive, and bizarre in his behaviour, emerged further. Ted seemed to be living two starkly contrasting lives, Fuelled by deception. They did not yet know the half of it.

Case-file includes:

'These files frequently updated'

Includes 171 pages of FBI documentation on Ted

25 minute audio clip of Bundy confessing the murder of Georgann Hawkins to Detective Bob Keppel

More audio of Bundy denying murder in Colorado

138 pages of FBI documentation pertaining to Gary Leon Ridgeway 'The Green River Killer', whom Bundy was approached to offer an insight into the mind of (whilst revealing his own dark perversions) by Detective's Bob Keppel and Dave Reichert

There is also a Bundy Gallery with many images. 



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