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The History of 'The New Criminologist'

Welcome to 'The New Criminologist'.

'The New Criminologist' started its life way back in the early 60's when it was called 'Crime & Detection'. Edited by Nigel Morland, it was published by Tallis Press in Oxford. The price was five shillings. The first article was entitled 'The High Cost of Hanging'; written by Robert Mark, Chief Constable of Leicester. This officer later became Sir Robert Mark, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

The late Sir Peter Ustinov, actor, writer, dramatist and raconteur, holding his copy of the original Criminologist during a televised debate on Jack the Ripper.

Renamed, 'The Criminologist', it appeared on the scene quarterly in 1966. Now published by Forensic Publishing, 9 Old Bailey, London, it was still edited by Nigel Morland. The journal continued to expand its circulation to other countries and, with many of Great Britain's most celebrated criminologists submitting features, including the eminent pathologist, Sir. Bernard Knight, it became required reading for all those concerned with criminology, law enforcement, penology, the judiciary, lawyers, forensic scientists, pathologists, and other members of the medical profession.

Issue No. 6, November 1967, found the price at eight shillings and sixpence. The leading article, 'The Criminal Justice Act', was written by the late Home Secretary, The Rt. Hon. Roy Jenkins, P.C., M.P. Jenkins later became Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord Jenkins of Hillhead.

Recognised as the world's most authoritative professional journal on criminology, it changed its format to the more recent red, white and black cover circa 1986. It was now owned by Barry Rose Periodicals who traded in Chichester. The editor was Ron W. Stone, the former Deputy Chief Constable of Essex. Ron sadly passed away in 1998, and the journal passed into the hands of Butterworths, the worlds largest legal publishers.

In 2001 'The Criminologist' was acquired by Christopher Berry-Dee – a former contributor, and it was renamed, in keeping with modern times, ‘The New Criminologist’.

Much water has passed under the publishing technology bridge since the first issues of 'Crime & Detection' were published and today we are living in the age of the computer and Internet. Christopher believed that it was now possible to reach thousands of subscribers with the touch of a button, and bring hundreds of professional contributors to the journal at the flick of a switch. So what have we got planned for the future?

Fundamentally, Christopher Berry-Dee says that 'The New Criminologist' will not change:

“It was a bold initiative especially with such a venerable Journal; the early electronic editions have been difficult to settle into a new format, whilst not losing the original theme. I realise that many view me as a somewhat controversial character because of my past history, but that’s what life is all about. Those who do not make mistakes learn very little, and I am immensely proud of my stewardship of the Journal. It has lain fallow for a few years, but this is not the first time the Journal has had its ups and downs during its 40-year history, and, after all, it is the oldest Journal of its kind in the world - not a Mickey Mouse five-minute wonder which most web sites are these days - so one might expect problems from time to time.”

In 2005 we will resume; continuing in the journal's excellent tradition of bringing, to subscribers, the very latest articles, papers and features from luminaries in criminology related professions. But, with the exciting advances in computer technology, information gathering and CAD, we will be bringing to the world of criminology a publication, which will feature so much more.

Book reviews, our own in-house publications, courses, mystery, fiction, the occult and astrology linked with crime, are among the unique features of 'The New Criminologist'.

Steve Morris, who is now co-owner/publisher with Christopher, says:

“Post-Butterworths, the Journal took a few tentative steps, and although the team did an excellent job, it lacked the 100 percent all-round work commitment to ensure its success. I am retaining Simon Beal and the popular Phillip Simpson (Mr. Angry), however, I am building a stronger infrastructure and I will be adopting a much tougher, no-nonsense approach to article and feature content and presentation, because I publish what I want to publish. I promise you Christopher deserves all the support he can get – you can watch this space on that one!”

The reappearance of this esteemed periodical, after several years in fallow will probably bring pleasure to a lot of people and, hopefully, through its pages, those who evince an interest in the science of criminology will be drawn together in the pursuit of better understanding.

An international circulation should ensure a breadth of material sufficient to satisfy even the severest critic and at the same time stimulate keen debate among the aficionados. It will direct itself across the whole spectrum of criminal behaviour, however tenuous the connection. Embracing both the practical and philosophical in such a way as to educate, without being pedantic, and to interest without resorting to titillation.

Christopher Berry-Dee & Steve Morris.


» Christopher Berry-Dee (editor)
» Steven Morris (editor)

» Martin Balaam (publishing)

» Martin Garrod (features)

» Nick Morris (news desk)

» Tony Gurney (book & e-book publishing)
» Philip Simpson (staff writer)
» Tony Brown (staff writer)

» Dr Janet Parker (Course administrator, Bio-Terrorism)
» Simon Beal (IT & Web services)


Letter from the Boss


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